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Saint Mo

Why would we name a fresh, non-denom, church plant after a saint?

Two reasons: A) We’re a new church, but we want to make sure we’re tied into 2000 years of church history. And B) St. Moses was an incredible guy whose story echoes in ours.

St. Moses (not the 10 commandments guy from the Bible) lived in the fourth century in Africa. The stories say that he was enormous and tough as nails. Apparently he used his strength to take advantage of other people as a robber and brigand.

Until he heard about Jesus and started following Him. Then his whole life started to change. He began to use his strength and influence to protect and guide others instead of terrorizing them. One day, he was summoned to a tribunal to sit in judgment on another Christian. He refused to show up. Eventually, someone was sent to fetch him. He arrived reluctantly, carrying a jar on his shoulder with water (or sand) spilling out through a crack in the bottom. This is what he said: “My sins stream out behind me where I cannot see them and yet here I am to judge another.”


The one who has been forgiven much is quick to forgive. Unsurprisingly, the tribunal decided to forgive the offender.

We like the way the unmistakable hope of Christ transformed Moses. We’re banking on Jesus changing us too.