This is getting real.

Within the next couple of months, we’re building a group of committed, invested people we can begin to call Saint Mo’s Church.  For my family, for Central Presbyterian (the primary mother church), and for many of you, the dream of Saint Mo’s is about to start impacting our lives much more.

Over the last month many of you have been talking with me about your interest in stepping out in faith to be a part of the new church.  We are forging an initial group of about 60 adults. Many from Central. Some from other evangelical churches. And hopefully a good cluster of people who haven’t yet thrown in their lot with Jesus, but who are excited about sacrificing for the flourishing of Baltimore.  If you are planning to be a part of Saint Mo’s but haven’t yet told me, please contact me this month.  If you are seriously considering it, but have questions, please contact me.

In Jan and Feb, Central will have a sermon series called Pulse Check, offering biblical and highly practical ways to move forward in our discipleship.  Part of that series will be an invitation to stretch ourselves in faithful and generous giving.  If you are remaining part of your current church family, but want to support what the Spirit is working in Saint Mo’s, we’ll communicate ways that you can give cleanly and securely.  If you have committed to being a part of the church plant, I’ll be in touch about how we can all pitch in on this front, expecting God to do something utterly beyond our own efforts.

The Steering Team and I have been meeting with other gospel-centered churches in the area to talk about partnering with us in this adventure.  Central Pres is doing the “heavy lifting” in terms of initial funding and seed people, but more is needed and the broader the base of prayer, people and financial support, the more people there are to praise God for what He is going to do. If you are connected to a church that might respond to the opportunity to partner by lending key people, giving some money or praying consistently, please put me in touch with them.

This Thanksgiving, Jill and I and the Steering Team are deeply grateful to God for you, for the churches you represent and for the opportunity to follow Jesus on this grand unknown. Thanks for the support and encouragement you have been and will be.

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