How We’re Launching Missional Communities

Our long awaited missional communities are starting!

The first few months of 2017 have brought several exciting new “firsts” for Saint Mo’s. Because you have been praying and giving to make this possible, I want you to hear some of what God is doing.

Later this month, Pastor Sam, will be leading a pilot Neighbor Group, which is the name we are giving to our missional communities. Neighbor groups exist because it is our experience that most Christians live in two “worlds”: the church world of Sunday morning (and maybe a midweek bible study) and the world of the other six days (their neighbors, friends and colleagues).  Neighbor groups give people a deliberate monthly rhythm to overlap those two worlds. At least for a while, this is our primary strategy for discipling and disciple-making.  You can watch an intro video about Neighbor Groups HERE.

On February 11th, we had a worship workshop [lead photo], where Pastor Trevor Chin helped train our worship leaders and musicians toward some sounds and songs that are hospitable to our multi-cultural setting.  We also were able to audition some new musicians and train some more techs.  These volunteers serve us so capably and faithfully on Sundays.

On the same day, several other Saint Mo’s people cooked up and delivered delicious meals to some of Baltimore’s homeless citizens.  I was so blessed by the fact that this event was grass-roots organized; it was entirely envisioned, organized and executed by volunteers! You can see a video of this event HERE.

And on Tuesdays from now through Easter, we’re gathering at lunch time in three locations across Baltimore for Lent Prayer.  This idea borrows from Crossfit’s Workout Of the Day model. We meet up with other believers to do a short spiritual exercise that is different each week and designed to stretch us in our love for God and love for our neighbors.

Finally, a new cohort of elders is rolling onto our board, replacing many who have served so well for the last year.  I’m excited to be working with this godly, devoted and talented crew in guiding Saint Mo’s to follow Christ into year number two!

Thanks so much for your continued encouragement, donations and prayers.  If you’d like to make a gift, you can do that HERE.

gratefully yours,


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