City-wide Advent Prayer

It has been a hard year here in Baltimore. The shorter days and increased darkness of winter feel like they’re mirroring the spiraling murder rate (348 in 2019). But we believe in the God who pierces the darkness, the God who, himself, enters as the bright Morning Star.

So this Advent season, as part of our practice of nurturing our longing for God to come again to shine in our darkness, we’re joining together with other churches across the city for morning prayer.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-8:30am, we gather to worship and to intercede for Baltimore.  Each week of Advent a different congregation opens their building for the prayer gatherings and each morning a different person or group guides the prayer and leads the worship.

We’re excited about what God is doing in our city. Even in the middle of difficult days, even in the middle of the winter, God is at work. He’s drawing us together. He’s teaching us to love and trust each other. And He’s teaching us to pray.


Details of the Advent Prayer meetings are at

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