St. Mo’s is an evangelical (currently non-denominational) church, consciously standing within the deep center current of historic trinitarian Christianity. It is our first priority to remain true to orthodox faith as recorded in the Scriptures. We believe this orthodox faith is articulated faithfully in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. The officers of the church assent […]

We Have A Logo

We had a few hundred logo designs submitted by about fifty artists. We asked our designers to steer away from overly “churchy” imagery. We sketched out some contours of Baltimore and Charles Village. We told them we were eager to bring the hope of Christ to the heart of our city. The results were outstanding. […]

We Have A Name

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Why Saint Moses?

This section displays pages that you choose to feature on the home page. For each page, the featured image, title, and excerpt will be displayed. You can choose how many to display under the Home Page tab in your theme options. You can set a background image for this section under the Home Page tab […]



It is your generosity that allows us to do what we do. Every bit helps, so thank you so much for your contribution. In order for you to make your secure online donation, simply click the link below.

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